Versatile Loaded Egg breakfast

Breakfast food is my comfort food. Waffles, ham or bacon, maybe some fruit, and eggs. Always eggs. Especially with cheese on them. And since being pregnant, I now put ketchup on them too. Don't come for me, it's really good. But a lot of the time we are either too tired or just too lazy … Continue reading Versatile Loaded Egg breakfast

Top 3 Favorites: At-Home Workout Gear

At-home workouts aren't just for pandemics and quarantine. They're great when a gym membership isn't in the budget. Or maybe you're just now getting into working out and gyms are too intimidating. Or you just want a quick workout between your to-do list at home. Whatever the reason, these are my top three favorite pieces … Continue reading Top 3 Favorites: At-Home Workout Gear

Simple Steakhouse Chicken + Life Update.

Hi friends! It's been quite some time since I've posted, or been around in general. Three years, right? Yikes! So much has happened; I married my best friend, then moved six hours away for my husband's job, and became home owners. We also became parents, welcoming our little man this past November- the day before … Continue reading Simple Steakhouse Chicken + Life Update.

Caramelized Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

I remember in high school, while sitting at lunch one day, one of my friends handed me a small container of butternut squash soup to eat (I went to a vocational school, and he was in culinary, getting handed things to eat was common.) I still remember how creamy and delicious it was, especially because … Continue reading Caramelized Bacon Butternut Squash Soup

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Chicken Cheesesteak Edition!

So there I am, standing in my mom's kitchen thinking of what to make to fill my junk food craving, while also not ruining the healthy streak I've been on. Ohkay, a healthy-ish streak, but healthy none the less! Anyway, I'm standing there staring at my husband while he's on one of the many games … Continue reading Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Chicken Cheesesteak Edition!